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Evans Leak Detection has been owner operated for over 29 years. We use our non invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate and fix your slab leak. Our technique saves you money and unnecessary damage to your home. All the materials we use are of the highest quality and are made in the U.S.A. All slab leaks are detected and fixed for one flat rate. Call today to hear our pricing!

Signs of a Slab Leak

  • A hot or warm spot on your floor
  • Water seeping up through your floor
  • Rising water or gas bills
  • The sound of water running when nothing is on

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Slab Leak Detection & Repair- Why Is It Essential for People

Leaks that lay below the foundation can be detected and fixed in a non-invasive method. This could be completed by acquiring the Slab leak detection services. House appliances and faucets are not only the items that get affected by plumbing systems errors . When the quality of the pipes underneath starts to deteriorate, substantial amount of water loss is expected to happen. With these leaks, building materials and structures will start to degrade, making the house not as valuable as it was before.

It is crucial for you to acquire slab leak detection and repair services if you want to preserve what you have invested. Getting a useful and quick answer to these hidden plumbing problems might be the key so that you can avoid unwanted property damages to your flooring, walls and the other parts of the house. Leaving these problems untreated, however, could cause extensive and pricey damages.

Slab Leak Signs

Several common developments are strong signs that you have a slab leak. The sound of flowing water signifies that such problem happens, because appliances and taps are turned off. If this is a constant issue in your house, having a professional run a meter test could stop a leak from creating considerable damages. The price of a meter test is quite nominal as opposed to issues that it can resolve.

One other indication of a possible slab leak is a hot spot on the basement or lower floor surface. This implies that your pipes have a leak. Hot spots are commonly surrounded by cracks in the flooring or in the surrounding walls.

When mildew continue to grow, it means that there's occurrence of leak. Mildew is often brought on by hidden or slow leaks behind the drywall but can be a sign of problems with your slab as well. If your flooring is susceptible to buckling or if you have carpeting that maintains a dank and musty odor, your slab may be cracked.

Main Reasons Why Your Water Bill has Significantly Increased

Water leaking in the floor and also pipes isn't the only sign of slab leaks. These issues are most of the time, evasive; you will only know that the household is already experiencing it if you find a drastic change in your water bill. If your water bill is far higher than you think it must be, then having a whole house plumbing inspection conducted is important. Slab problems may not exist; but there could be other problems that your household's water system are dealing with that lead to the really high water bill. A lot of plumbing experts have been making use of pressure reducer valves in resolving these problems. Hidden leaks and foundation problems can also be the main reasons why the household is loosing a lot of water.

Why Expert Leak Detection Services Are Important

You don't have to alter your home layout or the slab itself in order to figure out the cause or detect a slab leak. It is not acceptable for providers to break into pool decks or slabs without a leak first being verified. True leak detection is really a much more careful and technical process that requires ruling out all other choices before utilizing any invasive tactics to fix a problem. Professional slab repair companies count on non-invasive equipment for detecting leaks and do all that they can to leave the slab undisturbed unless necessary. A lot of inventions in leak detection equipment eliminate the necessity to make major alterations to the slab as part of the leak detection procedure.

Once a slab leak has been discovered, skilled professionals will be able to offer you with an array of repair choices. These people will tell you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of every choice. In most cases, the repair method will likely be determined by the location and also nature of the leak; nonetheless, homeowners are always encouraged to make informed choices with regards to these processes and exactly how they are handled.

Considering Services concerning Spot Repairs

Spot repairs tend to be the most cost-effective and least invasive choice for addressing small-sized leaks in a concentrated area. In this case, the slab is opened at the leak site so that leaking pipes may be fixed or replaced. In case you have a new home, then this slab repair option is the perfect because it just cause lesser effect to the current slab's look and integrity.

If you have a home constructed a long time ago, then it may need an even more aggressive approach particularly if it has present problems in plumbing. Pipes which have been made over the years may be leaking underneath a slab. In such case, ordinary spot repair isn't an effective option. With this form of issue, almost all slab repair professionals will reroute or replace the pipes completely if necessary. Repair options like these are really important to steer clear of bigger issues later on. Considering these choices may also rely on the age of your home as well as the nature of its pipe system.

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