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Evans Leak Detection has been owner operated for over 29 years. We use our non invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate and fix your slab leak. Our technique saves you money and unnecessary damage to your home. All the materials we use are of the highest quality and are made in the U.S.A. All slab leaks are detected and fixed for one flat rate. Call today to hear our pricing!

Signs of a Slab Leak

  • A hot or warm spot on your floor
  • Water seeping up through your floor
  • Rising water or gas bills
  • The sound of water running when nothing is on

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Slab Leak Detection & Repair- How Come It's Vital for People

Opting to acquire slab leak detection and repair services could be vital for preserving your investment. The implementation of an effective and timely resolution to hidden plumbing troubles will prevent damages to the flooring, substructure, walls and other parts of your home. Leaving these troubles untreated, however, could cause extensive and costly damages.

Slab Leak Indications

What are the strong signals to distinguish slab leak occurrence? Foremost among these is the sound of flowing water, even if all household devices and taps are switched off. Prevent extensive problems by stopping this leak. Find professional aid to run a meter test in it. This way, less will be expended for the meter test compared to finding solutions to the issue.

If you noticed a hot spot on the basement or lower floor surface, it could be an indication of slab leak. This indicates that your water line have a leak. Surrounding the hot spots are cracks on the floor or on the walls close to it.

Another sign to identify a leak are the continuous problems with mildew. Mildew will arise due to hidden or slow leaks behind the drywall. Moreover, slab could be a sign that this problem occurs. You'll know if your slab is cracked because your flooring is prone to buckling. Moreover, a dank and musty odor is caused by the flooring.

The Importance of Expert Leak Detection Services

You do not need to alter your home layout or the slab itself just to figure out the cause or detect a slab leak. It is not acceptable for providers to break into pool decks or slabs without a leak first being confirmed. True leak detection is actually a far more cautious and technical process that demands ruling out all other options before using any invasive techniques to fix an issue. The majority of companies that conduct slab repairs only utilize tools that are not invasive. In addition to that, they also make sure that the slab is left untouched when detecting leaks, unless required. With the advent of technology, almost all leak detection equipment today don't require slab alterations.

Selecting the Finest Repair Method

When a slab leak is discovered and confirmed, your service provider will permit you pick among various repair options available. They can also inform you far more about the pros and cons for each. In most cases, the repair method will likely be determined by the location and nature of the leak; even so, homeowners are always asked to make informed decisions regarding these processes and precisely how they are handled.

All You should Know concerning Spot Repairs

Spot repairs are ideal for minute leaks present in small and concentrated places simply because they save you far more money and they are much less invasive as compared to other options. This is when the slab is opened immediately at the leak location as a way to replace or repair any leaking pipes that exist here. For those with newly made homes, you can consider this as the finest slab repair option since it doesn't cause major alterations to the structure or look of the current slab.

Replacing or Rerouting Pipes

Older houses in Orange CA with ongoing plumbing problems will frequently demand a more aggressive approach. There exists a higher opportunity for older pipes to leak considerably underneath a slab, and this renders spot repair to be ineffective. To address the concern, these pipes can be replaced or rerouted by slab repair professionals. These repair services can help avoid future problems; however, you must first think about the age of your home and the current condition of its pipe system before truly opting for them.

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