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Evans Leak Detection has been owner operated for over 29 years. We use our non invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate and fix your slab leak. Our technique saves you money and unnecessary damage to your home. All the materials we use are of the highest quality and are made in the U.S.A. All slab leaks are detected and fixed for one flat rate. Call today to hear our pricing!

Signs of a Slab Leak

  • A hot or warm spot on your floor
  • Water seeping up through your floor
  • Rising water or gas bills
  • The sound of water running when nothing is on

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Slab Leak Detection & Repair -Why People Must Get This Service

For people to be able to determine and fix leaks beneath the foundation, acquiring Slab leak detection services is the finest course of action. Each time the plumbing systems fail, it does not always affect appliances and taps in the house. When the quality of the pipes underneath begins to deteriorate, considerable amount of water loss is expected to occur. These leaks can reduce the value of the home because the building materials and structures have begun to reduce its quality.

As a way to preserve the integrity of your property, slab leak detection and repair services should be secured. Undetectable plumbing problems must be fixed instantly and effectively so that floor, walls, substructures, and general quality of the home won't be ruined. If these problems are left unresolved, extensive and costly damages will possibly occur.

Signs That You Have A Slab Leak

Some leaks are very easy to identify, given that they cause standing pools of water or gradual changes in the building structure. When there are leaks, mold, and mildew, other growths can happen, impacting the overall look of your flooring. Other leaks, however, can wreak damage in hidden areas for weeks or even years before they're discovered and resolved. This is why it is essential to contact a leak detection service when problems are suspected.

Flowing Water Sound

Several common developments are certain indicators that you have a slab leak. When appliances and faucets are turned off you can hear the sound of running water, which signifies slab leaks. Prevent extensive damages by preventing this leak. Seek professional aid to run a meter test in it. It will not cost a lot if you will run a meter test than to have the problem fixed.

If you noticed a hot spot on the basement or lower floor surface, it may be an indication of slab leak. This implies that your pipes have a leak. Cracks on the floor or on the walls near it surround the hot spots.

Continuing troubles with mildew are as well indications of a leak. Mildew is often caused by hidden or slow leaks behind the drywall but can be a sign of problems with your slab too. If your floor is susceptible to buckling or if you have carpeting that maintains a dank and musty odor, your slab may be broken.

Dramatic Changes in Your Water Bill

Water leaking in the floor and pipes is not the only indication of slab leaks. These issues are usually, evasive; you will simply know that the household is already struggling with it if there is a drastic change in your water bill. In terms of sudden high water bills at home, the best approach to deal with the concern is through house plumbing inspection. Slab problems might not exist; but there may be other issues that your household's water system are dealing with that cause the really high water bill. Lots of plumbing professionals have been using pressure reducer valves in solving these issues. Hidden leaks and foundation problems may also be the main reasons why the household is loosing a lot of water.

The Importance of Expert Leak Detection Services

Efforts to discover or identify a slab leak should never greatly disrupt your home layout or the actual slab itself. It is not acceptable for providers to break into pool decks or slabs without a leak first being confirmed. When dealing with a thorough and technical procedure like leak detection, it is important to rule out some other possibilities first before using invasive approaches. Almost all companies that do slab repairs only utilize tools that are not invasive. Adding to that, they also ensure that the slab is left untouched when finding leaks, unless necessary. A lot of innovations in leak detection equipment remove the need to make major changes to the slab as part of the leak detection procedure.

Choosing the Very best Repair Method

When a slab leak is discovered and confirmed, your service provider will permit you select among various repair options available. These people will tell you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. Most of the time, the location as well as nature of the leak are the factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a repair method; nevertheless, it will always rely on the choice made by homeowners and precisely how they deal with such problems.

Spot Repair Services

Spot repairs are perfect for minute leaks present in small and concentrated places given that they save you more money and they're less invasive as compared to other choices. In this case, the slab is opened at the leak site so that leaking pipes may be fixed or replaced. If you have a brand new house, then this slab repair choice is the perfect because it just cause lesser effect to the existing slab's look and integrity.

When you have a home constructed many years ago, then it may require an even more aggressive approach particularly if it has existing issues in plumbing. Pipes which have been made over the years could be leaking underneath a slab. In such case, ordinary spot repair isn't a very effective choice. Slab repair professionals will often reroute the pipes in the affected places or change them completely. These repair services can help prevent future problems; on the other hand, you need to first consider the age of your home and the present condition of its pipe system before truly picking them.

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