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Think you have a leak and need someone at your home quickly? Call Evan's Leak Detection and one of our slab leak repair specialists will come to your home right away. Upon arrival our slab leak specialist will perform a visual inspection by checking your water meter and conducting a simple water pressure check. If we determine you have a leak, we will use our electronic leak detection equipment to accurately locate it then fix your slab leak with our one-of-a-kind non invasive technique.

Our team is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whenever you discover your home has a water leak or burst pipe, we'll be ready to assist you in fixing the problem. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and ALL slab leaks are detected and fixed for ONE FLAT RATE. If you are not completely satisfied with our slab leak detection or repair, give Pat or Lloyd a call and one of our plumbing repairmen will come back and do the job again!

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Slab Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Non-invasive detection to minimize damage to your home.

Slab Leak Spot Repair Services

Spot Repair

Cost effective and least invasive option for concentrated areas.

Pipe Replacement

Pipe Replacement

Avoid future issues with the majority of older homes.


Evan's Slab and Leak Repair In Diamond Bar, CA

If you are anything like most homeowners, you have, at one point or another, found yourself in the need of Evan’s Slab Leak Repair Services. A common occurrence, slab leaks happen when water seeps underneath concrete slabs in your home, and are very difficult to remedy. You see, slab leaks essentially are leakages into your home's foundation. The pipes running beneath the floors may have gotten compromised, allowing water to leak into the foundation.

You may not notice a slab leak happening until when it is too late, and a lot of the damage has already been done. This plumbing problem manifests itself in the form of cracked walls and floors, hot spots in the floor and the sound of continuous flowing water. To correct this situation, you will need to call in a leak detection company.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Slab And Leak Repair Company

The Costs

Prices are the most important determinants in most markets and industries. Before signing off on anything, it's important to compare the prices of different companies. You may find that some companies are more expensive than others simply because they're larger and multi-national. It's not a guarantee that these expensive services have better customer service ratings than their cheaper counterparts.

At the same time, you ought to be wary of companies that price their services lower than their competitors. Low prices may be an indicator that the company provides substandard prices. It's therefore important to find one that strikes the right balance between affordability and quality service. At Evan’s Leak Detection, all leaks are fixed for one flat rate and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Are They Licensed?

Slab leaks require an intense plumbing and repair job, and it's important to make sure the company you choose to work with is licensed and registered. Every plumber ought to have a valid license so you can be sure you're entrusting the repair of your home to a knowledgeable professional. Before settling in and working with any professional service in Diamond Bar, ensure they have all the necessary licensing information. The pros at Evan’s Leak Detection are able to provide this documentation without hesitation.

Look Into Their Business Record

Social media and the internet have provided a great place for prospect clients to do some light research on companies before going into business with them. It's essential to look into a company's track record before calling them into your home to repair your slab leak.

Go online and do some light digging around their social media profile- see what other customers are saying about their services. Are there negative comments from dissatisfied clients? Feedback from other customers is incredibly important, and it would help to take it into account whenever you're looking to hire a slab leak repair service. We think you will be happy with the results you will find about Evan’s Leak Detection!

4. Who Do Your Friends Recommend?

Slab leaks are very common plumbing mishaps, and it's possible one of your friends has encountered them as well. Talk to your neighbors and other homeowners in your community. If anyone has had a repair job done themselves, maybe they could recommend someone for the job. Chances are, it could be Evan’s they used for their repairs!

Hiring the slab and leak repair company that meets your needs

For your home to remain in its most optimal condition, you should make sure to only let the expert contractors at Evan’s Slab Leak Detection repair and maintain it. We are available 24/7 and use state of the art tools to do your repair right the first time. This is why deciding to use Evan’s Leak Detection in Diamond Bar...will be the best decision you can ever make!