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Evan’s Leak Detection is a full-service slab leak and repair company specializing in residential and commercial services, repairs and replacements. Evans Leak Detection has been owner operated for over 50 years.


Lara S.Lara S. ★★★★★ They were very accurate in detecting and did great jobWon Sunu (.Won Sunu (. ★★★★★ I had the same experience before, so leaking water under the foundation is a real headache. This time, the water bill increased by 50%, and I found out that water was leaking somewhere again, and I heard a leak in the laundry room. Among several plumbers, I selected and called Evans Leak Detection, which has a good reputation, and to my surprise, Ron set up a schedule right away. Due to my mistake, I had to reschedule, and Omar, who had a lot of experience, came and pinpointed the leak in a surprisingly quick time and bypassed it to the wall in a quick time without breaking the concrete, and neatly solved the problem. The price was also very good with an average flat charge. Evans Leak Detection is also recommended for those with problems.Jason VJason V ★★★★★ Hands down the best leak detection and plumbing repair company I’ve ever dealt with. Slab leaks are one of the most stressful home issues to deal with because you know it’s going to cost a lot, but most plumbers won’t give you a price until after they’ve finished the job. Evans Leak Detection lets you know what it will cost before they even come to your house. How awesome is that! This is a long review because these guys deserve it.From the beginning, Ron was straight forward and upfront about the slab leak detection and repair process. The absolute best part is the flat rate pricing for fixing slab leaks. Knowing the cost ahead of time eased my mind and helped me better prepare for the expense.I called so many plumbers trying to get an idea on cost to repair our slab leak and none of them would give a price. I foolishly paid another plumber for leak detection and estimate before contacting Evans Leak Detection. Even after that, the “other guy” wouldn’t give me an exact dollar amount, but rather a ridiculously wide range of what it “might” cost. He said he would have to rip out our kitchen cabinets and they’d be damaged to the point of needing to be replaced by us, adding even more expense to the process.So I contacted Ron at Evans Leak Detection, he asked a few questions, explained the process and told me what the flat rate price would be (which was much lower than the estimate from the other place). He had Omar at our house within a couple of days. Omar located the leak quickly, answered the 800 questions I had, and explained everything he was going to do to bypass the slab leaking pipe and re-route that section. He was able to run the new section of pipe in the wall behind our kitchen cabinets. Not an easy task, but he did it seamlessly with very little cosmetic work for us to address after. He was such a nice man, very thorough and experienced in his work, and double checked/cleaned up everything well before leaving.In summary, if you have the misfortune and stress of a slab leak, please don’t waste time researching other plumbers. Just call Evans Leak Detection. Professional, experienced guys with flat rate pricing to simplify the process. This is one of the easiest recommendations I’ve ever made. Thank you Ron, Omar, and Evans Leak Detection.Alexa B.Alexa B. ★★★★★ We initially thought our leak was small, but by the next morning, it had grown to be a severe problem, and we realized we needed to discover the source of it right soon. We got in touch with Evans Leak Detection and Slab Repair, and we were lucky enough that they could still work with us at the last minute. The technician immediately located the leak, and their aid was crucial. Orange County's best leak detection company.Kirsten H.Kirsten H. ★★★★★ Evans Leak Detection and Slab Leak Repair is one of the most dependable and experienced slab repair companies in Long Beach.Jennifer W.Jennifer W. ★★★★★ Evans Leak Detection discovered a minor leak that was causing moisture on my ceiling. I was very impressed because the leak could not be found, but I was concerned about the moisture on my ceiling.Ron is pleasant, answers all questions, and thoroughly explains what needs to be done to fix the leak. Evans leak detection services in Orange County come highly recommended by me.Jacquelyn P.Jacquelyn P. ★★★★★ Evans Leak Detection did an EXCELLENT job repairing two slabs. And they were adaptable (willing to change the plan as things progressed, collaborating with other trades who needed to install things in the middle of the process), highly communicative, timely, and produced excellent quality work. There are many slab repair companies to choose from, but Evans Leak Detection is the best!Kimberly B.Kimberly B. ★★★★★ Evans Leak Detection and Slab Repair provided prompt and friendly service following a leak from our home's main water valve. Ron discovered the best way to avoid damaging the wall and kept the area clean. The best leak detection services in Orange County. Highly recommendedBridget H.Bridget H. ★★★★★ We had Omar come out for a slab repair and he was fantastic. Arrived on time and did an excellent job. He was very friendly, and I was very pleased with the quality of his work and professionalism. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs a job done. Thank you so much, Omar and Evans Leak Detection and Slab Leak Repair.Tina H.Tina H. ★★★★★ Ron did an excellent job of locating two leaks in our house. He handled the problem quickly and efficiently. Evans Leak Detection's staff was extremely courteous and helpful during a stressful situation. If you need leak detection in California, I strongly recommend this company.js_loader
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