Main Water Line Leaks

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Main Water Line Leaks

The main water line is the primary source of water in your home. The water main is the connecting line between your home’s water supply and the public’s.

This line runs from the water meter to your home and connects to your pressure regulating valve(PRV) and your main shut-off valve.

As we all know, Southern California is blessed with many hills, mountains, and interesting geography. As such, many homes are built on hills and inclines. It is imperative to get a mainline leak repaired as soon as possible.

This is typically the largest diameter pipe in your water system, a leak can release thousands of gallons of water that could affect the stability of the soil on your property or your neighbor’s.

If you suspect you have a main water line leak, call Evan’s Leak Detection at (949) 855-1032 immediately.

5 Common Symptoms of a Main Water Line Leak

Symptom 1: Puddles of Water

  • Puddles in an otherwise dry yard could be a sign of a broken water line.
  • You might even see water flooding into the street when dealing with a burst pipe.
  • Unexplained wet spots on the sidewalk can also be a sign of a busted water pipe.

Symptom 2: Hissing, Whistling, or Bubbling Sounds

  • Hissing, whistling, and bubbling sounds coming from the pipes can be a sign of a broken water line.
  • Gurgling or banging noises in your pipes could also be from a water line leak.
  • Sometimes you can’t see the signs of a busted water pipe.

So if you hear some strange noises coming from your pipes you should have a plumber come out to your house. They can inspect the waterline and make sure there are no leaks.

Symptom 3: Low Water Pressure

If you’ve been having some problems with water pressure in your sinks or bathtub, you might’ve sprung a leak in your water line:

  • The water pressure in your shower is weak
  • The washer takes twice as long to fill
  • The water from the sink is only a drizzle

Symptom 4: Discolored Water

When a water line breaks, it can cause the water in your house to become discolored. Dirt and other contaminants then have access to your water source.
Contaminated water can cause illness if ingested. It can cause potential skin irritation if you come in contact with it.

Symptom 5: Unexplained Spike in Water Bill

Some of the signs of a water main leak aren’t immediately recognized because you can’t see them. This doesn’t mean that there is no problem. The cost of your water bill increasing could be a clear sign that there is something wrong with your water line. If there is no reason for the increase it could mean that you are losing water and you don’t even know it. You can disregard this sign if you know that your increased water bill is from using more water in the last quarter than you usually do.

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