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Think you have a leak and need someone at your home quickly? Call Evan’s Leak Detection and one of our slab leak repair specialists will come to your home right away. Upon arrival our slab leak specialist will perform a visual inspection by checking your water meter and conducting a simple water pressure check.

If we determine you have a leak, we will use our electronic leak detection equipment to accurately locate it then fix your slab leak with our one-of-a-kind non invasive technique.

Our team is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whenever you discover your home has a water leak or burst pipe, we’ll be ready to assist you in fixing the problem. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and ALL slab leaks are detected and fixed for ONE FLAT RATE. If you are not completely satisfied with our slab leak detection or repair, give Pat or Ron a call and one of our plumbing repairmen will come back and do the job again!


  • A hot or warm spot on your floor
  • Water seeping up through your floor
  • Rising water or gas bills
  • The sound of water running when nothing is on

Prevent more damage and save money with Evans Leak Detection and Repair services.

Use Evans Leak Detection to avoid costly repairs. We offer a free estimate and leak detection without destruction!


The life of a homeowner can be fraught with unforeseen circumstances that create unneeded stress in your life. The last thing that you want to deal with after getting off of work is a slab leak. These can occur for a variety of reasons but at the end of the day, they must be dealt with in order to prevent serious damage to your home. Luckily, there is a service that can assist you in these trying times if you find out that you are experiencing a slab leak in your home.


the process of modern home construction typically involves a foundation that is made out of concrete. This is referred to as the slab. The rest of the home is been built on top of this lab. Anytime that your plumbing system begins to leak underneath the slab foundation this is referred to as a slab leak. Ultimately the reason why these are important is that if they go undetected and untreated for too long they could threaten the integrity of your entire home potentially.


There are several types of damage that can cause slab leaks. There are three types of damage that are particularly worrisome. Let’s take a quick look so you can be aware.


  • Pressure
  • Corrosion
  • Abrasion

PRESSURE: pipes that are underneath the foundation of your home can be placed under an immense amount of pressure. Over time this pressure can lead to the pipes breaking down and eventually cracking. This is most commonly experienced in areas that have soil that expands and contracts such as clay. Another potential cause of these types of damages is earthquakes.

CORROSION: any pipe that is underneath the surface of the ground will come into contact with metals that are within the soil. This can potentially cause galvanic corrosion. This is a type of corrosion that occurs whenever two different types of metals interact. After a long enough time this corrosion can eat holes in the pipes and cause a leak.

ABRASION: as the pipes are used in water flows through them it can cause the pipes to move slightly through vibrational forces. If the pipes are in contact with hard surfaces such as concrete from the slab over time it can wear the pipe down. This can eventually lead to the formation of a leak as well.

Slab Leak Detection

Leak Detection

We specialize in non-destructive slab leak detection.

Our techniques are designed to locate leaks accurately without damaging your floors, walls, or foundation. Trust us for a hassle-free, efficient leak detection experience.

Slab Leak Inspection

Leak Repair

After pinpointing the leak, we focus on rapid yet efficient repair solutions.

Our methods are designed to minimize property damage and cost. With our skilled technicians at your service, you can rest easy knowing your plumbing is in good hands.

Fast Leak Detection Services

Leak Prevention

Prevent future issues with FLO by Moen's smart monitoring system.

This device not only detects leaks but also monitors water usage and temperature, allowing you to catch problems before they escalate. Take control of your water system today.


Some of the signs that a slab leak may be present underneath your foundation can be easily missed if you do not know what to look for. Let’s look at a few of the most common signs that you might have one of these leaks on your hands. One of the most common ways that you will know that you have a slab leak is through the sound of running water. If you hear that it sounds like water is flowing even though all of your sinks and appliances are off this is a strong sign there might be a leak.

Take a walk around your house and look for any signs of water pooling along the side of the home. If you do find any puddles of water check to see if there is an obvious source. If you are unable to find an obvious source then there is a good chance that you have a slab leak. Also, if there is mold growing on the floors, especially carpeted flooring, this is another good sign that there is a leak present.

Have you been recently surprised by a significantly higher water bill than you typically experience? This is one of the most obvious signs. Check the water meter of your house to see if it is constantly running even whenever no water is being used. Make sure that the temperature of your floor is not unusually warm. Oftentimes whenever hot water lines are leaking they can cause the flooring of your home to increase in temperature abnormally.

Finally, if you see that your foundation of the home is showing signs of a crack it is highly likely that it is being caused by a slab leak underneath the foundation of your home.


If you have completed checking to see if any of these signs are present and have determined that you may have a slab leak on your hands than it is time to call the professionals. The very first thing that a professional is going to do is determine whether or not there is a leak electronically. This allows them to hold off on tearing up the foundation only to find out that there isn’t a leak in the first place. They will use sonic detectors and acoustic systems. These can determine whether there is a leak underneath the home noninvasively.

Now that the professionals have checked out the home you will be presented with several options for repair. Typically there are three ways that you may tackle this problem. The first way is to do a simple repair of only the section that is leaking. This is most commonly used whenever the lease is not major and the rest of the piping is in fairly good condition. This will also be the least expensive way. Sometimes you can even use epoxy to seal the leak without replacing the pipes.

Another option that is used whenever the pipes are older or have deteriorated significantly is to reroute the pipe. This will allow you to avoid that the damaged pipe sections and are typically done by rerouting the leak above ground. Finally, if you are in an older home there is a chance that the entire pipe system has begun to deteriorate. In this case, the only real option is to re-pipe the entire house. This will make your house entirely leak-free but it will ultimately be the most costly method.

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