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Think you have a leak and need someone at your home quickly? Call Evan’s Leak Detection and one of our slab leak repair specialists will come to your home right away. Upon arrival our slab leak specialist will perform a visual inspection by checking your water meter and conducting a simple water pressure check.

If we determine you have a leak, we will use our electronic leak detection equipment to accurately locate it then fix your slab leak with our one-of-a-kind non invasive technique.

Our team is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whenever you discover your home has a water leak or burst pipe, we’ll be ready to assist you in fixing the problem. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and ALL slab leaks are detected and fixed for ONE FLAT RATE. If you are not completely satisfied with our slab leak detection or repair, give Pat or Ron a call and one of our plumbing repairmen will come back and do the job again!


  • A hot or warm spot on your floor
  • Water seeping up through your floor
  • Rising water or gas bills
  • The sound of water running when nothing is on

Prevent more damage and save money with Evans Leak Detection and Repair services.

Use Evans Leak Detection to avoid costly repairs. We offer a free estimate and leak detection without destruction!


Slab leaks are a common occurrence in Chino Hills since many of the homes are built on a concrete slab. Your best defense against a slab leak is regular sewer inspections. This isn’t something an inexperienced homeowner should complete themselves, however. Without experience, slab leak repair can be dangerous. Besides, you’ll likely make the problem worse if you attempt DIY repairs. On top of the lack of experience, do you own the tools and equipment needed to find or repair a slab leak? Evan’s Leak Detection specialists have all of the tools, as well as the expertise, to tend to any slab leak and make a fast repair.


Schedule annual inspection service with us and there is one less worry on your mind. The sooner slab leak repairs are made, the sooner you can sleep well at night. Water leaks and slab damage can destroy the foundation of the home and cause a myriad of other problems. Leaks and the damage they pose don’t stand a chance with Evan’s Leak Detection technicians on the job.

If there is currently a leak in the slab or you suspect a leak, don’t panic. Give us a call and we’ll rush to your home to take care of any slab leaks. We bring state-of-the-art detection equipment that verifies a leak and its location, reducing the time it takes to repair the problem. You are in good hands when you call the technicians at Evan’s Leak Detection in Chino Hills.

Slab Leak Detection

Leak Detection

We specialize in non-destructive slab leak detection.

Our techniques are designed to locate leaks accurately without damaging your floors, walls, or foundation. Trust us for a hassle-free, efficient leak detection experience.

Slab Leak Inspection

Leak Repair

After pinpointing the leak, we focus on rapid yet efficient repair solutions.

Our methods are designed to minimize property damage and cost. With our skilled technicians at your service, you can rest easy knowing your plumbing is in good hands.

Fast Leak Detection Services

Leak Prevention

Prevent future issues with FLO by Moen's smart monitoring system.

This device not only detects leaks but also monitors water usage and temperature, allowing you to catch problems before they escalate. Take control of your water system today.


Notice a sudden drop in water pressure? Have you stepped in a wet spot on the floor or the carpet? Are your water bill costs increasing with no reason? These signs often indicate a slab leak lurking beneath the surface. The best way to find out if there is a leak is to call the technicians at Evan’s Leak Detection. If we find a leak, we’ll diagnose the cause of trouble and repair both the slab and the leak. You cannot expect results if you repair only one or the other. We make sure the leak is gone, out of your hair, before we leave your home.


You can find many slab leak detection companies in the Chino Hills area. Finding one that works for your best interests is not so simple. That is why Evan’s Detection is the best option. We offer same-day and emergency service, ensuring a technician is around whenever the need arises. We also offer flat-rate fees for our services. These prices are competitive with other companies but easier to understand. We listen to and understand our customers and their needs and go the extra mile to deliver services that exceed expectations.

Prompt, reliable and efficient service are yours when you trust the technicians at Evan’s Leak Detection for our slab leak detection and repair needs. We arrive on-time, ready to work when you call us for slab leak detection and repair. And, we stand behind our work with guarantees and warranties. We are confident in what we do and pass that confidence on to our customers. Find out why Chino Hills residents call Evan’s Leak Detection if they suspect a slab leak in their home.

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