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Think you have a leak and need someone at your home quickly? Call Evan’s Leak Detection and one of our slab leak repair specialists will come to your home right away. Upon arrival our slab leak specialist will perform a visual inspection by checking your water meter and conducting a simple water pressure check.

If we determine you have a leak, we will use our electronic leak detection equipment to accurately locate it then fix your slab leak with our one-of-a-kind non invasive technique.

Our team is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whenever you discover your home has a water leak or burst pipe, we’ll be ready to assist you in fixing the problem. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and ALL slab leaks are detected and fixed for ONE FLAT RATE. If you are not completely satisfied with our slab leak detection or repair, give Pat or Ron a call and one of our plumbing repairmen will come back and do the job again!


  • A hot or warm spot on your floor
  • Water seeping up through your floor
  • Rising water or gas bills
  • The sound of water running when nothing is on

Prevent more damage and save money with Evans Leak Detection and Repair services.

Use Evans Leak Detection to avoid costly repairs. We offer a free estimate and leak detection without destruction!


Have you noticed costly increases in your month’s water bill? Notice odd warm or cold spots in your home? Chances are that your home is suffering from a leak. Slab leaks, in particular, are very dangerous to the foundation home is built upon. Evans Leak Detection takes care of these problems quickly. Using state of the art electronic equipment to find leaks, the crew at Evans Leak Detection located in Mesa CA will find any leak. Evans Leak Detection will then fix those leaks using only non-invasive means. This results in a leak being sealed without extra cost or burden in needing other contractors to help with the project.

For residents located in Mesa CA, Evan Leak Detection offers a simple flat-rate pricing scheme. This means no additional fees. Once you hear the price, that’s the price you’ll pay. We’re also available any time of day or night and serve the greater orange county area. Beyond just leak detection and repair, Evans Leak Detection also serves residents in Mesa CA with spot fixes and pipe replacement. If you have a damaged section of house, don’t brush it off or paint over it. Let Evans Leak Detection properly fix it so further damage or unwanted sights are a thing of the past.

But why Evans over the other guys? Evans Leak Detection received Angie’s List “super service” award from 2011 to 2017. This means we have a proven track record of servicing homes in or around Mesa CA. That’s because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our aim is to detect and fix any minor leak during the first visit. This saves you both time and money since you won’t need to schedule another appointment or miss a day of work. So, if you’re in or around any part of Southern California, give us a call at (949)-855-1032.

Slab Leak Detection

Leak Detection

We specialize in non-destructive slab leak detection.

Our techniques are designed to locate leaks accurately without damaging your floors, walls, or foundation. Trust us for a hassle-free, efficient leak detection experience.

Slab Leak Inspection

Leak Repair

After pinpointing the leak, we focus on rapid yet efficient repair solutions.

Our methods are designed to minimize property damage and cost. With our skilled technicians at your service, you can rest easy knowing your plumbing is in good hands.

Fast Leak Detection Services

Leak Prevention

Prevent future issues with FLO by Moen's smart monitoring system.

This device not only detects leaks but also monitors water usage and temperature, allowing you to catch problems before they escalate. Take control of your water system today.

Evans Leak Detection also makes sure to support hard-working Americans by using only American made equipment. From our leak detection equipment to our parts used to fix leaks, everything is American made. That means you should only expect the absolute best quality service and parts from a community company that you can trust. That’s because we’ve been in the leak detection and repair business for decades. Over that time we’ve run into many problems in various types of homes, apartments, and even commercial spaces. Yet, no leak has gone unnoticed when our expert technicians arrive. That’s because our crews use only the most cutting edge technology in order to identify leaks. We also take it a step forward by measuring the totality of the leak and any damage it may have caused the surrounding areas. Then, our technician will work to fix the leak using only non-invasive means. If you’re located around the Mesa CA area and think you may have a leak, give one of our expert technicians a call today.

In some cases, a leak may not only cost you extra money but may also cost you your home. Things like slab leaks can actually damage the foundation of your home. This may lead to extremely costly repairs that some home insurance won’t cover. It could also mean the entire foundation of your home becomes too weak to support the structure of the house. Then, the house becomes dangerous to live in overtime. The good news is, leaks like this can easily be detected by our crews who operated in and around Mesa CA.

So, what happens if our technicians spot a slab leak? Our team will be sure to provide you with a series of repair options. Some options may have certain benefits like lasting longer, while others may be less expensive. Either way, the leak specialist will be there to inform you of all possible options. The technician will also help you understand exactly which solution you may want to choose and what the trade-offs of each solution are. Whichever solution you end up choosing, we promise the most non-invasive and most cost-effective approach possible. That’s why our motto is, “Non-Invasive, Cost-Effective”.

Evans Leak Detection typically offers spot repair, re-routing, or re-piping for more serious cases of leakage. Spot repairs tend to offer the most cost-effective and minimally invasive solution. Spot repairs are best for areas where the leak is somewhat small and concentrated. In that case, the slab is opened directly where the leaking pipe is taking place. For most homes that have been recently built, this option will offer the best bang for your buck. That’s because newer homes in Mesa CA will maintain their value better with minimal procedures. This keeps the slab of the new home intact and atheistically pleasing.

Evans Leak Detection also offers re-routing and re-piping for homes in Mesa CA. Often times these are required for older homes whose slab foundation may be severely damaged. Often times the slab in an older home will suffer integrity issues over time. This means a much more aggressive approach is needed in order to fix the leak. In older slab, the leaks generally occur over the entire area of the slab or at least in several locations. This means a spot repair is almost impossible to perform since the leaks are everywhere. A spot repair would therefore just fix a small portion of the leak, but not all of it. It’s this kind of expert insight you can count on from Evans Leak Detection in Mesa CA.

Should your home need a more aggressive solution, Evans Leak Detection will send out a dedicated team of slab professionals. They will either re-route your leaking pipes or replace them altogether. So, no matter how small or large your leak, no matter the age or size of your home, give Evans Leak Detection a call. If you think you have a leak then dial (949)-855-1032 and speak to one of our leak detection experts today. Don’t let a small leak turn into a major hassle, we serve customers in and around Mesa CA and would be glad to support you too.

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